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Christina is a dependable freelancer who’s easy to work with, has a wide variety of experience upon which to draw, and who always brings fresh ideas to the table. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable writer who can pitch stories or handle assignments.

Libby McMillan

Editor, 10Best/USA Today

When I first met with Christina regarding the design of my logo and website, I couldn’t verbalize what I wanted because I wasn’t even sure what I wanted. I was amazed at the questions she asked and suggestions she made during our meetings, as if she was able to interpret my own thoughts for me. And when I saw the final design of my logo, and eventually my website, I was moved to happy tears. Christina is the most talented, hard working and insightful designer and an all-around beautiful person.

Jelena Hardy

Teacher, Rishi Yoga

I really appreciate Christina’s writing for the Tiny House Blog. She brings her passion for “rightsizing” and a women’s point of view to the blog. I believe her contributions has helped make the Tiny House Blog the most popular destination for those wishing to learn more about living simply in a small space.

Kent Griswold

Owner, Tiny House Blog/Tiny House Magazine

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