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This is probably the most difficult trip I have had to pack for!

In October I’m flying to Nepal. I’ll have a few days in Kathmandu before flying into the Himalayas to go trekking with an independent group of four for 7-8 days. I’m not going to Everest Base Camp, but I will be at around 15,000 feet. After that I’ll be in Kathmandu for another few days and then will have a several-day layover in Dubai.

Talk about packing for different climates!

We will be staying in tea houses in the mountains, but the rooms are usually not heated at night, so I’m bringing as many layers as possible. In Dubai, I plan to cover up my knees and shoulders with long pants and a scarf.

While I’ve got my carry-on backpack down to around 12 lb. (5.4 kg), I’m still not totally thrilled with having to carry it through the mountains as well as several airports. I’m still working on it.

This is the good thing about packing your bag a few weeks or even a few months ahead of your trip. It gives you a chance to really scrutinize each item.

This forum and Brooke’s class have been so helpful, I thought I would share what I’m bringing in case any other ladies have some tips or can tell me what I might be missing or what I can leave at home.

Bag: Granite Gear Virga 2 54L backpack (weighs just over 1 lb!)

Bum Bag: 2L packable fanny pack from Amazon. It will hold airplane essentials like my phone, headphones, sleep mask, hand sanitizer, etc.


  • Columbia puffy down jacket
  • Columbia rain jacket
  • Uniqlo puffy vest
  • Wool buff
  • Cotton scarf (for extra warmth or covering shoulders in Dubai)
  • Gloves


  • Patagonia hiking sun shirt
  • Modal tank top
  • Patagonia light summer pants
  • Smartwool long sleeve top
  • Thermajane top and bottom for sleeping
  • Merino wool thermals
  • Fleece hiking skirt (to keep my bum and hips warm in the tea houses)
  • Skechers sandals (for warmer weather and after hiking)



  • 4 pairs of cotton undies
  • 2 sports bras
  • Bikini (for hotel pools and Dubai waterpark)
  • 2 Smartwool socks
  • 3 Balega hiking socks

Clothes, sandals, outerwear and underclothes fit into four compressible packing cubes:

Travel day outfit:

  • Kühl hiking pants
  • Wooly merino wool t-shirt
  • Amazon tank top
  • REI fleece jacket
  • Altra hiking shoes
  • Balega hiking socks
  • Cotton buff


  • Toiletry bag with basic stuff and vitamins (more details if you want)
  • First aid kit (with antibiotics and water purifying tablets)
  • Tech kit with converter and solar charger (it’s expensive to charge your phone in the mountains)
  • Small, packable towel

Other gear:

  • Katadyn BeFree water bottle with filter (you can’t drink the water in Nepal without filtering)
  • Packable day pack
  • Headlamp (for night photography and dark tea houses)
  • Sun hat
  • Hiking/sun gloves
  • 1 lb. down blanket (Since the tea house rooms are not heated, it is suggested you bring a sleeping bag. To save space, I’m instead bringing a down throw that I usually use for camping.)

When in Kathmandu, I plan to buy a pair of trekking poles and maybe a warm hat or baseball cap.

Wish me luck!